Aymane Boumaaza

Hi, I'm Aymane

(AKA enamya)

Data Consultant, AI enthusiast, average tech enjoyer.


Web: 🌍 | Data: 📊
Stock Price Forecast 📊

An automated stock price forecast platform using AI, with interactive chart and news about the stock. Tools: Python - LSTM - Tensorflow - MLflow - Docker - Plotly - FastAPI.

A web application that I made since I didn't like editing my playlist order from the phone app. Tools: Python - Flask - Spotipy - Spotify API.

A SMS message classifier (Spam or Ham) using Multinomial Naive Bayes Algorithm. Tools: Python - Scikit-Learn - NLTK - Plotly - Pandas - Flask.

A desktop application that grants access if everyone wears a mask using computer vision. Tools: Java - Tensorflow - Keras - OpenCV - deeplearning4j - MobileNetV2 - JavaFx - MySQL.

A URL shortener that creates 1-day "short" links. Tools: Django - PostgreSQL.

Handwriting recognition using CNN and EMIST dataset. Tools: Python - Tensorflow - Scikit-Learn - Flask - Pandas - Matplotlib.


Thank you for visiting my portfolio 🙏,
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